Conclusion (mobileStorm)

After doing research on mobileStorm, I think there are several things we can learn from them in regards to mobile integration into the more traditional marketing mix.

1) SMS can be used as a marketing tool as well as an operational tool. mobileStorm’s clients benefited on the marketing front with increased brand awareness and the acquisition of new customers. It also benefited from the operational front because it opened up new channels of communication between the client and it’s customers.

2) SMS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. People text more than any other communication channel now. There is a huge market waiting to be explored. SMS is relatively inexpensive and it’s use is only limited by creativity, therefore it remains a popular option for most businesses.

3) SMS is not one that performs optimally in isolation. SMS is best used in combination with a mix of techniques to engage customers. The popularity of Stun!, mobileStorm’s integrated, one-interface system lends weight to this fact.


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