Conclusion (Trademob)

After doing research on Trademob, I think there are several things we can learn from them in regards to mobile integration into the more traditional marketing mix.

1) Mobile is absolutely going to explode. More and more people are using smartphones/tablets, and it’s a savvy move to start advertising on those platforms.

2) With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are gaining significant traction. With more than 1 million apps in Google Play Store, and 900,000 apps in the Apple Appstore, mobile apps are the new rage in town. There are many different types of mobile apps, each with a specific function that can help businesses in many ways. Investing in mobile apps might be a good idea.

3)Creating mobile apps is the easy part. Marketing mobile apps is no small feat, as the sheer volume of apps makes it hard for any one app to stand out. Even then, no app can stay at the top of the charts for very long. It is a hard, uphill battle. Trademob stands out with its advanced mobile app marketing tactics. Aggresively marketing mobile what we can learn from it.


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