mobileStorm History

In 1998, at the age of 19, Jared Reitzin dropped out of college to start a record label called Katalyst Music Group.Within Katalyst, Reitzin started a technology division where they built websites for larger labels. Early in the company’s founding, Jonathan Schreiber, an advisor, inspired Reitzin’s interest in mobile technology. Reitzin says “He told me mobile is gonna be big… He explained the ecosystem to me and it got me fired up.” Schreiber was able to provide Reitzin with his first project which was with Interscope Records; Reitzin would start mobileStorm around that project.

mobileStorm officially launched in 1999 and incorporated in August 2000.They raised $40,000 initially from friends and family and were entirely self-funded. Reitzin states that “When I started mobileStorm, investors were throwing money at anyone who uttered the word “mobile.” I think one of the best mistakes I never made was taking investment. I don’t think I would be around today.”

In 2007, mobileStorm announced an angel round of funding with eonBusiness and opened additional offices in San Francisco and Orange County.The San Francisco branch will focus on new accounts, sales, and customer service. In 2008, mobileStorm was named the email service provider of Freemantle Enterprises, which manages shows like American Idol and The Price is Right.

Since then, mobileStorm has been named “best for sending text messages” by Inc. Magazine, as well as one of LA’s “most innovative companies”.


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