mobileStorm Services

 mobileStorm is a Communication Service Provider that allows clients to quickly, easily and efficiently communicate with a virtually limitless number of contacts via the channels that are most relevant to them. Businesses use mobileStorm to build a database of customers and gives them the ability to reach people on smart phones via email, text-message, push notification, secure messages to mobile apps and sites, as well as voice and fax broadcast.

Two of it’s most recognized tools are Bolt and Stun!. Stun! is the first platform of its kind to integrate the most common forms of business communication (email, voice, text messaging and fax) into one easy-to-use interface. With Stun!, a client can send email, text, voice and fax messages via a consolidated system at a reduced price..

Bolt is an email messaging solution designed for larger enterprises. It is a complete, fully-integrated, on-demand email marketing system for enterprises who want better control, delivery, and bottom line results. Bolt provides enterprises with the power to reach a huge amount of people within a very short period of time.

In short, mobileStorm is a company that helps businesses to reach out to existing/potential clients mainly via text and email. They have been very successful so far. Tasked with cutting costs on communication infrastructure, they targeted one of the most cost sensitive areas of their business: patient communication. With mobileStorm’s assistance, Kaiser Permanente showed an improvement of 1,837 fewer “no-shows” and a success rate of 95.65%, which resulted in total cost savings of over $275,000 at just a single clinic.


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