Trademob Services

What does Trademob actually do?

In layman’s terms, Trademob advertises. Trademob advertises on mobile. The money you spend on Trademob is used to advertise your product/service/app across mobile. Say you just launched a new game – Zombie Ninja. Need to increase sales? Trademob consistently achieves top app store ranking for iOS and Android apps. Or just want exposure for your product? Trademob has a proven track record of achieving high volumes of valuable, engaged users.

There’s a more precise explanation on how it works here.

How does Trademob achieve this? Trademob currently partners with more than 180 ad networks and traffic sources, ensuring that campaigns make use of all the most relevant ad networks worldwide.

Besides executing app marketing plans, Trademob also allows clients to keep a close eye on proceedings. Their unique tracking technology provides data on any type of conversion and works for all ad networks and traffic sources (social media, mobile websites etc.) and types of traffic (both Web and in-app). This way, Trademob is able to measure the ROI for any app campaign. This analysis is carefully monitored and sifted through, ensuring clients are protected from click fraud and seeing only high-quality traffic.


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